this installment of the resurrection series finds us revisiting one of our favorites. 100% cotton ultra soft pullover hoody with our pyramid logo embroidered up front and a HUGE 14" all seeing eye embroidery on the back. extremely limited and only available right here on go get it.



whistler is like every 80s ski patrol movie youve ever seen except YOURE IN IT. living in seattle for 10 years and never visiting this place = BLOWING IT. we will not be making this mistake again.


WALLS and SOCIETY NURSE getting nuts last night in the u-district. besides the random hepatitis soaked couch cushions hitting me in the face this is definitely a best show of the year candidate. both bands have LP's coming out soon on IRON LUNG RECORDS and should be considered essential purchases.


make sure to thank vics market for your new favorite video.


so fall has been out for a month. i loved it, you loved it, hooray. now what? wait til feb/mar for new stuff? NO FUCKING WAY. well be releasing a few new online exclusive products each month right here in our online shop until spring drops. some new stuff, some reappropriated older favorites. to start off weve got the brainz eco fleece raglan and 2 new beanies to help get you through what is looking like another brutal winter. as with all of our online releases these items are very limited and guaranteed not to last long, get em while you can.

FALL 11.

after multiple delays, headaches, minor/major annoyances, its here. its finally fucking here. fall has been shipped to shops around the world and is available RIGHT NOW in the store section.

lookbook by: jeremiah mandel


fall. 5 days. fuck yeah.


back from hawaii and ready to get down to business. fall shop orders will start making their way around the globe this coming monday and will be followed by our official release here on 10/31/11. its gonna be good. guarranz.

30 DAYS.

were roughly 30 days away from the release of our FALL 11 collection. had things gone our way it would be up right now, win some lose some. i promise you the wait will be worth it.


its that time again SUMMER CLOSE OUT SALE! 40% off remaining summer product using the code "holyshit" FALL STUFF IS COMING!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!


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