still super stoked on these seats and the gameball brendan ryan tossed me a few weeks ago. cant wait for warmer weather and more mariners games.


IRON LUNG, MIND ERASER, HATRED SURGE, SCAPEGOAT. you are not ready. get it at painkiller soon.


im no soccer fan but even i have to admit this is really fucking cool. head over to the seattle times for the full story.




i dont know what was better, the star wars exhibit or this strangely inappropriate lesson on pee and poop.


In addition to restocking a few SOLD OUT items weve added some limited variants on 2 of this springs most popular designs. Youll find the skull pocket tee on purple tees and the nocturnum fade design on black crews waiting for you in the FC online store. Also, as a thank you for a great season use the code "restock" for a 15% discount for the next 24 hours. Thank you all for your continued support.


i cant stop listening to this fucking song. furthermore i refuse to stop until its absolutely ruined and the prospect of hearing it again fills me with such dread i wet my pants.

get it here while you still can. .


its not all upside down crosses and skulls around here. not today anyway. there really isnt a more pleasant way to spend a sunny 60 degree day than meandering through fields of hundreds of thousands of tulips. its about to get good up here in the NW. expect more nature fun time posts in the months to come.


behold, flying coffin spring '11. we spent a rainy sunday shooting these photos with frequent collaborator and all around good dude jordan nicholson behind the camera, as usual the results are fantastic. i say this everytime but seriously this is my favorite line weve ever done. a big part of that is the crown jewel of the flying coffin empire, the black sin jacket. i know im supposed to talk this stuff up and sell it to you but damnit this thing is beautiful. we attained a level of quality that i didnt even think was possible for us. the fact that its made in america of 90% american materials is just icing on the cake. well be moving forward with more cut and sew for future seasons and if those pieces come out half as good as this jacket theyll be amazing to say the least.... as im sure you can tell i REALLY like this thing. from the jacket to the skull pocket tees to the hats etc.... theres a lot to take in this season and its all available right now at our stockists worldwide and right here in the store section.


rather than engage in a open dialog about one of the greatest travesties ever perpetrated against seattle sports fans howard schultz took the cowards way out and had a producer of the fantastic documentary sonicsgate removed from his book signing today at costco. this guy gets off way too easily when people talk about losing the sonics. every shitty thing that happened stems from this royal douche and his fucked up decision to sell to out of towners. i cant stress this enough. FUCK. THIS. GUY.


FC spring 11 will go live in the store section on monday 4/11/11. as usual theres not much left and most sizes wont last. dont blow it.

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