fall. late september. fuck yeah.







limp wrist and lebenden toten handling biz this past sunday down in portland. good times.


hope you guys had a nice 4th. summer drop coming in a few days.


seattle is right around the corner from what is widely regarded as the greatest summer weather in america. and with that weather comes a constant worry that what youre doing just might not be worthy of the season. that what youre doing might actually be a waste of the glorious gift that youve waited 9 months for. a constant voice in the back of your head repeating not good enough not good enough NOT GOOD ENOUGH. i dub this constant worry that summer is slipping through your fingers summer anxiety disorder. are there any fellow sufferers out there or is this further proof that ive sliden a little further down the slippery slope of sanity?


spring clearance sale starts today! 40% off using the code "holyshit" summer release is right around the corner! help us make room!


got back from chaos in tejas yesterday. before i get into this i should stress how meager this coverage is when compared to the scope of the fest. its basically a years worth of shows across multiple genres with bands that you never expected to see and will most likely never see again crammed into 96 hours. after attending this years fest i cant believe i let the previous 6 pass me by. this is not a mistake that i or you should make again in the future. here are a few random highlights....

VEINS. great fucking set. wish i could have made it to the after party they played but after hour 12 of shows that day i figured enough was enough.

INNUMBERABLE FORMS. holy shit, such a powerful performance. wish they played more than 5 songs. if you havent checked out their dark worship e.p. you need to get on that asap, one of my top 5 from last year.

MIND ERASER played an amazing set to a pretty subdued crowd. pretty sure if this show was at night it would have raged out of control.

RIVAL MOB. one of the bands i was most looking forward to seeing. from a safe distance that is.

YOUTH OF TODAY had to be, if not the best, absolutely top 3 performaces of the fest. if ray and porcell have this much energy in their mid 40's i cant even begin to imagine what seeing YOT live 25 years ago would have been like. finishing their set with minor threat and young til i die had me smiling for days.

NO STATIK with a under the radar set that along with YOT has to be in the top 3 i saw all weekend. cant wait to see these guys next week in seattle.





well i guess its official, the endless blockade are done. in honor of their passing i uploaded a 2nd part to the footage i posted of their vancouver show last year. keep up with their various new projects at http://survivalist-deathcult.blogspot.com/

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